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Texas-based Traven Tucker has shared the stage with music legends such as Ray Wylie Hubbard, Tim Alexander (five time gammy award winner with Asleep at the Wheel) Donny Ray Ford, Fred Spears (Tennessee Hat Band, Waylon Jennings, David Allan Coe) and Rusty Weir—to name but a few.

Traven has also been repeatedly nominated in five categories for the Southern Heritage Music Awards.

His live performances have included appearances all over the United States and in Britain.

His vocals are deep and resonant; his song-writing skills the best in the business, and his delivery long-lasting in its craftsmanship and impressiveness.

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About Arsenic Smile:

Sociopaths, narcissists, politicians and liars, all take note, you are exposed in the title track “Arsenic Smile.”

Know someone who has jacked you over….hard? It could have been the government, an employer, or someone who feigned a friendship with you….This song was written just for them!

Next is “Revolution”, yes there are other songs with the same name, but none carry the exact message of this one!  Great listen, wicked distorted slide guitar and makes you want to throw something heavy!

“Ordinary Man” is a song dedicated to the ordinary folks who are making things happen.  Never underestimate the power of the common man.

“Fall Away” is beautifully written and performed ballad sure to move the soul of the listener. The cello and fiddle round this song out to perfection.

“Speechless” is another well-written and performed love song, and the slide guitar will make you cry. Careful not to listen while imbibing your favorite beverage as it has been known to cause drunk dialing and other mishaps . . . Unless of course you are still in good graces with the person you are calling.

“Burn it Down” with an intro “Western Skies” is hard hitting rockabilly rock song sure to please even the finicky of music lovers.

And finally the bonus track recorded LIVE in England: “Ain’t No Shame (Bein’ a White Man) is self explanatory.  No shame there!


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Track listing:

1 – Arsenic Smile 5:00

2 – Revolution 3:27

3 – Ordinary Man 4:09

4 – Fall Away 4:26

5 – Speechless 3:55

6 – Burn It Down 3:03

7 – Ain’t No Shame (Bein’ a White Man) 2:57


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